Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Rejected Breakfast Cereal Mascots
(Number 8 in an ongoing Series)

Screw on cap, gimme some of that - if its got a cork, throw it out the back.

Deirdre the Drunken Dolphin

“Man, I Am So Ripped Right Now. My Whole Body Feels Kind Of Tingly, In A Good Way – Kinda Warm. Where Are You Sleeping Tonight? Man, I Like Booze, But Not As Much As, Uh, What The Fuck Are These Things Called? Tootlie-Oot O’s? Uh, OK. Do I Get To Eat After I’m Done?”

This marketing campaign was sadly aborted after Deirdre entered a 12-step program in Seattle, WA. She later became Born-Again and hasn’t had a drop of liquor since 1997.

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