Friday, November 26, 2004


Hmmm. The blogging was basically thwarted by my computer having an odd episode involving the usage of images, meaning that for some odd reason I couldn't even access the massive Breakfast Mascot Archive (heretofor known as the BMA) for a visual posting. So, you will all just have to satisfy yourself with this week's Special Holiday Edition of the Remix, featuring a famous covers gallery... which basically means, here's a bunch of comics I was able to think of one (or, in some cases, less than one) joke for, so instead of doing a 6+ page remix around one joke, here's one joke per cover.

That's a little peak into my creative process. I'm practicing for my Xeric grant proposal, entitled "Give Me Munney To Sribble Funny Werds On Old Comical Books".

Next Week: More Marshall Law, and hopefully a metric shitpile of Oni reviews, time allowing. And of course, more fan-favorite Cereal Mascots!

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