Sunday, October 10, 2004


So here's where I thank everyone for their outpouring of support in the wake of Friday's posting. It was truly breathtaking, especially from everyone who saw fit to actually donate a little to the O'Neil family preservation fund: it's not going to save the day but it is going to make the small anxieties a little bit easier to deal with.

Seriously, when my wife saw the extent to which certain people were willing to go to help out a perfect stranger, she couldn't help but crying. She's been crying a lot lately, but they're not usually tears of joy.

All things considered, I was initially hesitant to post any sort of personal entry like that. It was actually Milo who convinced me of the necessity of occasionally "passing the hat around", despite the fact that I felt kind of embarrased about it. Fact is, times have been tough. I don't get paid to do this blog, but I try to keep up with it because I know for a fact there are people out there who appreciate what I do. Comics are important to me, even if they are an incredibly frustrating field to be involved in on even a tangential level. But as stupid as the comics themselves may be at times, the people who like comics and work in comics seem to be, for the most part, a bunch of really good people.

If you're not a good person, you probably know who you are, so I shouldn't need to castigate you for being an asshole.

In any event, I thought the Ziggy remix was a good idea, even separate from the cirumstances. Ziggy is one the most pathetically simple comic strips of all time, so I figured it might be effective to put some actual pathos in those word bubbles. I think I would like nothing better than to see Ivan Brunetti do some Ziggy. That would make me very happy.

So, basically, thanks for all the kinds words, kind thoughts, and kind deeds by a very few of you who also know who you are. Thanks to Milo as well - I know he's got a curmudgeonly reputation, but underneath it all he's just a big fuffy teddy bear of love.

Mr. Milo George, in a rare candid photograph taken on 09/08/03.

My new favorite stop on the Comics Blogosphere is Captain Corey. There are few pleasures in this world like bad movies, and I have a feeling that Captain Corey agrees with that sentiment, because he just wrote about friggin' Timemaster. Carry on, mighty hydrocephalic warrior. Makes you feel like humanity is in good hands.

Here's today's visual oxymoron:

Why the hell would anyone have this comic graded? Tell me, please. I can understand why you'd have something that was actually valuable, like an Action #1 or an Amazing Fantasy #15 graded, but I will bet you money that I can walk into any comic book store in this entire country that has a decent selection of back issues and get this in good condition for two dollars or less.

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