Thursday, October 21, 2004


Check out my buddy Slote's examination of a particularly strange Dr. Strange story. Funny stuff. The good Doctor has had as many bad stories as anyone else, I guess.

I am amazed that there is any demand whatsoever for a straight-ahead Space Ghost comic. Space Ghost certainly has one of the nicest designs from his era (courtesy of Alex Toth, 'natch), but in terms of any interesting or compelling story, he's about as interesting as a bucket of water. I am certain there are a few folks who take umbridge at the recent Coast to Coast and Brak Show incarnations of the characters, but seriously, people, they were a joke to begin with. I, for one, will never be able to take Space Ghost at face value, because I will always hear George Lowe's cheerfully disengenuous voice booming out of his mouth, and whenever Zorak or Brak show up I will never be able to see them as anything but the absurdly loveable morons they have been for the last decade.

With all due respect to the fine folks laboring on this new Space Ghost book: your task is Sisyphian. By turning a stable of C-list 60s cartoon also-rans into a canny pomo deconstruction of those very same stupid cartoons (and talk shows to boot), the good folks at the Cartoon Network have essentially salted the earth for anyone foolish enough to follow in their footsteps. Do me a favor: if you read the new Space Ghost book, and Brak shows up, just have a little voice in the back of your head say "Hi, everybody!" in Andy Merill's stupid voice every time he comes on the panel. You will not be able to take the book, or anyone in it, seriously, and that is how it should be. If you see someone buying this book without the intention to mock it hopelessly, you must shun and stone them.

Remember how I said that Composite Superman figure was the Nerdiest Object Ever? Well, I may have been a bit premature...

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