Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Contest Coming

Everyone be warned - tomorrow The Hurting announces its first ever contest. We just recieved the grand prize in the mail today, and I have a feeling its something you are all going to want to enter for a chance to win.

I can guarantee that this contest will be like none other the blogosphere has ever seen. Prepare yourself.

I am really proud of this and am glad they finally saw fit to print it.

How come no one bothered to mention all the horrible misspellings in yesterday's post until it had been up for over twelve hours? Are you all laughing at me behind my back here?

Rejected Breakfast Cereal Mascots
(Number 6 in an ongoing Series)

Yo! Yo! Yo, fuck that, look at all these crab niggaz laid back, Lampin like them gray and black Puma's on my man's rack, Codeine was forced in your drink, You had a Navy Green salamander fiend, bitches never heard you scream, You two-faces, scum of the slum, I got your whole body numb, Blowing like Shalamar in eighty-one.

Warren the Wu-Tang Walrus

“Cash Rules Everything Around Me – C.R.E.A.M., Get The Milk And Make A Balanced Daily Breakfast With Delicious Toasted Oat Poofs, Dollar Dollar Bill, Y’all!”

Apparently the tots were not to eager to enter the 36 chambers of healthy breakfast foods.

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