Tuesday, January 02, 2018

The New Thing

Hey everybody!

It’s been quiet around here - too quiet. 

Not anymore! 

I have awoken from my dogmatic slumber and have embarked on my most ambitious project yet - yes, even more ambitious than Tomorrow Is Always The Best Day Of My Life. 

After some time recuperating from a very difficult year I’ve - well, maybe I should just direct you to my revamped Patreon?

And, oh yeah, I’m also back writing for The Comics Journal on a weekly basis. My column Ice Cream For Bedwetters will be featured monthly, and the first installment is about Namor, the motherfucking Sub-Mariner, because that’s just how I mark my triumphant return to the comics industry’s paper of record. When  I’m not columning I’m reviewing, like I did for the execrable Shirtless Bear Fighter, and the not so bad Morton. The prodigal fuckup returns.

There’s also another another secret project coming down the pipeline at the Journal, but that’s a conversation for another day.

It’s a new era. Let’s do this.

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Paul G. said...

This is awesome, Tegan. I was really missing your writing and am super glad to have more of it this year. Please post links to your reviews here, if it's not too much trouble! I read everything via rss, and the reviews don't pop up on your author page at TCJ.