Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Busy Busy Busy !

It’s been an enormously busy few weeks! 

I just put the first parts of both my new books up for free on my Patreon! That’s the first part of the two books I’m writing behind the Paywall, almost 40,000 words of high fantasy! Free! You will find no greater bargain anywhere.

And, of course, the next chapters are already up behind the paywall, for the incredibly reasonable price of $2 a month. Just $2!

Even if you can only pledge a dollar, you still get an ePub of TOMORROW IS ALWAYS THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE! How’s that for awesome? 

I continue to mark my triumphant return to the digital pages of The Comics Journal! Why, just in the last few weeks I’ve looked at the lesbian romance Sugar Town, some awful Ninjak comic that made the company’s implosion seem inevitable, Days of Hate #1, and Spy Seal. (I really, really liked Spy Seal.)

The fun never stops! The fun is eternal! 

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