Monday, April 28, 2008

The Stupidest Thing I've Seen In A While

I know it's hardly news that Hal Jordan isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer. Hell, making fun of Hal for getting bonked on the head is practically a cottage industry in and of itself. And with good reason! Super-hero comics are supposed to be wish-fulfillment on at least some level, right? What can be more frustrating than seeing a character with what is quite literally the most wonderful means of magical wish-fulfillment in all of comics getting knocked out by lamps? I mean, seriously, people. It's enough to make you think that the Guardians are purposefully looking for morons.

But this... this takes the cake. Posting stupid Green Lantern panels is, I know, the most obvious tool in the comic bloggers' repertoire. But still. I think this speaks for itself:

Just a couple issues later Hal saves an exploding planet by inserting giant carbon rods into the core to dampen a nuclear reaction. Uh-huh. From the looks of things they probably had to child-proof the Jordan household to ensure he didn't drink Drain-O with his lunch.

(Admittedly, I am not that big on obscure Green Lantern villains - is the Shark's "invisible yellow aura" a holdover from the Silver Age?)

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