Monday, December 24, 2007

It's Christmas Time in Hollis, Queens

In keeping with the season, I guess I'll take the week off. Not because I necessarily don't want to blog, but because experience has taught me that the audience for comics blogs is severely curtailed around this time of year. And, honestly, that's as it should be - most people are doing stuff that does not involve trolling the internets for Green Lantern-related witticisms. I myself will have time on my hands, and it will be a very quiet Christmas. I do have plenty to keep me busy, don't worry. I purchased a small chicken to bake, and I think that shall be my Christmas dinner.

So, since I probably won't post again until the New Year, I'll take this opportunity to thank you all for coming, day in and day out, and making this blog what it is today. Exactly what it is, I don't know, but it's something - either the most cynical comics blog or the most deluded, I can't tell which? January of 2008 represents our fourth anniversary - who out there thought I'd still be doing this four years in? Anyone? I certainly didn't. It seemed, back in the day, as if new comics blogs were popping up right and left, and this blog was only one of many. Now, there really aren't that many of us left who've been publishing continuously the entire time - even Dirk, the spiritual godfather for so many of us "Class of '03" bloggers, went away and came back. So, ha ha, you lost your seniority, sucker.

So, thanks to everyone for reading. I'd like to extend especial thanks to Tom and Milo for extending the hand of friendship to this blog and myself. And an extra special shout out to Neilalien - who has personally gone above and beyond the call of duty on more than one occasion to ensure that this blog - and this blogger - keep on truckin'. I don't often say thanks - it's not that I'm ungracious, just easily embarrassed. And the support I've gotten from Neil, as well as Milo, Tom, Mike, Dorian and everyone else, simply represents an embarrassment of riches. It's certainly far more in the way of legitimate, lasting friendship than I ever expected to get when I signed up for this chintzy Blogger account lo those many years ago.

So, enough of the sappy shit. Let's go forward and make 2008 the year we finally kill comics for good! Yay!

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