Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Watching the Toilet Bowl Slowly Fill With Blood

So, yeah, anyway, just when I was starting to build up a head of steam towards more frequent and substantive posts, the motherboard on my desktop went and shit the bed. Leastwise, the tech expert tells me it's the motherboard, I already tried replacing the power supply and that didn't work.

And, of course, all my main blogging supplies are on the desktop. So I can't even do the week's Mark Trail panel yet.

So, in lieu of content, I will give you an extemporaneous list to discuss and debate to your heart's content.

The Top Five Mainstream Superhero Books of the 90s
5. Weapon X - Barry Windsor-Smith
4. Starman - James Robinson & Various (notwithstanding the bad parts)
3. "Unity", in various Valiant titles - Jim Shooter & Various
2. "The Rock of Ages", in JLA - Grant Morrison & Howard Porter
1. Marvels - Kurt Busiek & Alex Ross

Honorable Mention - Lobo & Lobo's Back by Keith Giffen & Steven Grant & Bisley

Now go, flame someone.

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