Tuesday, March 21, 2006

V For Crap

So I guess as a blogger I have to mention that I went to see V From Vendetta. Not out of any real desire to see the movie itself, mind you, but mostly because I hadn't been to the movies in months and I felt like going, and that was as good a reason as any. And maybe I should have followed my first disinclination because, well, I was just bored. It wasn't really bad, it wasn't really good, it just sort of sat there and flopped around onscreen for the better part of two and a half hours. All the talk about the politics and ideology is essentially a waste, because -- just as with the last two Matrix films -- either they didn't put a lot of thought into it to be begin with or they're simply not that bright, because it was so hopelessly muddled as to be ethically incomprehensibly. Now, I can't say the book was either boring or incomprehensible, so at the very least they got mixed singles somewhere along the line.

Was I sad? No, not really. It was just a very, very mediocre movie that didn't really seem to even hang togther very well. Not even enough of a failure to be disappointed with, just a big old wet fart. Say what you will about the Matrix films, but even during the direst moments of the last two they sure zipped along. There was no sense of cohesion in V, it was just seemed very lifeless and lethargic. The only thing that makes me sad about the movie's success is the suddenly very real threat that they will get around to making a film of Watchmen, which is just about as stupid an idea as there ever has been, short of Eisenstein's (thankfully unrealized) notion to film Das Kapital. Of course, I said that about Lord of the Rings as well, and I heard that ended up making a few bucks. (But it's worth noting that, seemingly alone among the masses, I was extremely disappointed by the Lord of the Rings films.)

So, eh, forget the stupid movie and buy the book if you haven't already got it. Alan Moore will, at least, get a few pennies from that:

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