Monday, October 17, 2005

Oh Boy!

New reviews up at the 'Scope - Hope Larson's Salamander Dreams and Alex Robinson's Tricked. Collect 'em all!

So, the ever garrulous Alan David Doane has chimed in on the recent meta-blogosphere thread picked up by myself, Neilalien and a few others... of special note is his comment on this blog, which I found amusing:

...he doesn't blog about anything I am remotely interested in. The same goes for Tim O'Neill and When Will The Hurting Stop. I'm sure he thinks his remixed comics covers and out of context Mark Trail panels are hilarious, but I don't even visit his blog on reflex anymore. It's that dead to me.

Well, I'm not to upset about that... different strokes for different folks, and all that. If I didn't enjoy doing the blog I wouldn't do it at all, and right now I enjoy what I'm doing. But I got a kick, as usual, of ADD's typically strident tone ... I know this is how he always writes, but I couldn't help but flashing back to Fred Flinstone on Harvey Birdman:

"You're dead to me, can-opener!"

I know, I've got all the hip cultural references. (And there's only one "L" in O'Neil...)

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