Friday, October 07, 2005

...And We're Back.

Man, blogging sure went... scarce. That's what happen when you have a vacation from work and all kinds of family stuff going on. Whew.

At least the internet didn't split in half in my absence.

Am I the only one who is really, really freaked out by the fact that Rob Liefeld and Ivan Brunetti apparently share a birthday? And that not only were they born on the same day but, you know, the exact same day, making them the same exact age? Coincidence? Or ... separated at birth?

I didn't rush out and get them immediately because I'm not made of money, but damn those Pixies remasters sound good. I didn't even think the old CDs sounded bad, but it's really an amazing improvement.

I like the fact that Milo wrote something funny about comics, because when he wants to be he's wickedly funny. Most people who write funny things about comics just don't have the necessary self-loathing quotient to really get at the core of this crazy, crazy business we call comics, but Milo somehow manages. Like a little ray of sunlight in our smog-flecked world.

And, hey, this whole taking requests thing is a good idea. I'll make a standign offer: I'll gladly prance around like a trained pony for cash. Want some Wildcat / Swamp Thing slash fiction? Drop a coin in the Paypal jar and sit back. I have no shame. But what, you may ask, about the fact that my mother reads this blog? Aren't you worried she'll think less of me? Why, Gosh no... she worked in law enforcement, she knows people have to do horrible things to make their bones. me, I'll gladly produce photo collages featuring the cast of The OC dressed up as members of the pre-Crisis Legion of Super-Heroes for money.

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