Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Lots of STUFF!


I am so busy. I haven't even had any time to go golfing.

The second installment of my new column, Ice Cream for Bedwetters, is up here at Medium - a look at the work of Bernie Wrightson. The first one, a discussion of Logan, can be found here

I keep updating the Patreon! So far my "weekly" podcast Tegan Reads Wookieepedia is coming out twice weekly - I pass the savings on to you. And remember, I wouldn't be uploading these podcasts anywhere else for two months - exclusive for Patreon subscribers. (They will eventually be uploaded elsewhere, which is one reason why I'm producing so many of them up front.) I also just ordered a new mic, so the dodgy sound quality on the early episodes is being remedied. 

I believe there is still a free episode up here for sample. 

Patreon subscribers also receive a political essay every week, which I creatively titled "Letters." I know, I know . . . Letter #4.5 is a very special piece that is also, conveniently, free to sample here. And here's a sample of the free sample: 

I am tired often. I sleep poorly. I sleep naked on the cast iron grating of my cell. In the summer I burn and in the winter I freeze but I am fresh. Now I travel in my plane across the globe. My cell is hoisted into the back of a customized jet. I retreat for rest and ablution. Once I served Exxon Mobile and in that capacity I enacted the will of the Lord. I fought the good fight for the United States of America, as I still do. I am a shepherd of men and captain of industry, but only because I emerge new into the blinking heat of the noonday sun each day, scoured of human frailty and consumed by holy fire. 

If you'd like to support me and my work but don't want the commitment of a monthly withdrawal - I know the feeling! - I have set up a cash.me account you can use as a virtual tip jar here

Let's see, what else have I been up to  . . . oh yeah, don't forget to check out the most recent chapters of my book. The most recent chapter is a three part epic about - well, everything. Check out part one here, or skip to part three here (it's designed to be read separately). 

Remember when I didn't do anything for months on end? Apparently not a problem anymore. 

Oh, one more thing . . . what's this? Looks exciting! I wonder what it could be . . .

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