Saturday, November 28, 2015

Meanwhile . . .

So just what have I been up to lately, since it obviously hasn't been writing about Secret Wars?

A lot of real-world work stuff, to be honest, and which includes grading papers and dissertation chapters. But in between all that SUPER-FUN STUFF I did manage to put up a couple things for the AV Club - a piece on the precarious current straits of the X-Men franchise, and a retrospective look at Marvel's original run of Star Wars comics.

Even if you're not usually a comments reader - and if you're not, you should know that the comments over at the AV Club are well-curated and often very interesting - you might want to check out a back-and-forth in the comments for the latter article between me and Charles Lippincott, of all people, which is pretty amazing if you know who that is. It was about Roy Thomas, which only makes it nerdier.

And of course, I can be found weekly over at the AV Club's comics panel, and there's even a handy link on the sidebar taking you to a list of all the writing I do for that site. I only get 500 words a week, but I do my best when it comes to dismantling crap like Stan Lee's "autobiography" or Uncanny Inhumans. (It's not just negative reviews, but that does seem to be what people respond to . . . HMMMM I WONDER WHY)

(And don't forget, the Jams never stop.)

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BU said...

Any chance you'll be back on that Secret Wars series anytime soon?