Thursday, July 02, 2015

Ladies and Gentlemen, MICAH SYNN

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Michael C. said...

Oh my goodness, Micah Synn. These were some of the first Daredevil comics I ever read, buying them as they came out at my LCS. I was likely too young to fully understand what was going on here, but when I reread these issues last year I was blown away by just how much was there was to unpack in this stretch of O'Neil's run on the book. The white savage who women literally swooned at? Check. Daredevil/Matt being a total dick to most everyone in his life? Check. Foggy's marriage crumbling before our eyes in a way that disturbed me as a child and just makes me sad as an adult? Check. The women here are portrayed in very problematic ways (typical of the era, right? Still, made me squirm on the reread), but I have to say the Kingpin's teaming up with Daredevil in the eventual takedown of Synn? Brilliant.

I wonder what the context was for this storyline? I recall finding it completely bizarre and unlike anything else I was reading in comics at that time, as a kid, but even now I can't seem to fathom what led O'Neil to tell this story. In some ways, it stands as an utterly unique story in mainstream superhero comics (at least those that I've read) in the last several decades. Is it good? I still have no idea and I tend to think not. But damn it's like a train wreck that I still can't look away from all these years later.

And whatever happened to Synn? Only the internet knows, I suppose.