Thursday, July 31, 2014

I've Been Busy!

It's been quiet hereabouts, for a couple reasons. One, I don't usually bother publishing anything the week of SDCC - the comics blogosphere is usually too crowded for anyone to pay attention to anything other than that, so why put a lot of work into a post that'll die on the vine? Two, I've been teaching a Summer Session course these last six weeks. Let me just say: as demanding as teaching a regular course in the space of a packed ten-week quarter may be, six weeks is positively deadly. I have a tendency to procrastinate that gets me into trouble in ten weeks, it's practically killed me in six.

But I have still been busy! My writing for the A.V Club has been going steady. This week, because there's some kind of comic book movie or something in the theaters, was Comics Week with a special focus on "Cosmic" Comics - which, if you know me, is so fully in my wheelhouse that I've got a cot set up in the corner. I contributed to this special all-cosmic Comics Panel, where I was happy to be able to smuggle Robert Crumb and The Sandman amongst the usual Kirby, Starlin, and Englehart suspects. But more importantly, I produced this feature length essay on Jim Starlin's Warlock - which I do not believe I've ever officially written about, despite its massive significance and my unabashed love for the run. Thanks to Oliver Sava for putting it all together, and for giving me the gig in the first place - now I can buy groceries!

I think it turned out pretty good, even if - due to a funny bit of crossed wires - I ended up having to write it in just a couple of hours. So, if you were ever wondering how well I can write under a tight deadline, the answer is officially "not well, but he can at least spell the words OK."

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