Sunday, March 16, 2014

So Just How Much Is This In 2014?

Fantastic Four #331 by "John Harkness" (Steve Englehart), Rich Buckler, and Romeo Tanghal


5c11 said...

Oh, wait, so you actually wanted an answer?

Uh, let's see, according to Google, 45x10^17 bytes would work out to around 4 exabytes (or a four million terabytes if you prefer), which was about the total amount of internet traffic for the year 2011, so that's not too shabby.

Not sure what he's going to do with it though, since... everything else. As far as I can tell there's no such chip as a 68090 (the last of the 68k line was the 68060 in 1994 which maxed out at 75mhz), but since FF #331 came out in 1989 and with the mention of the colors and sounds - it sounds like Reed's basically got about 10 Commodore Amigas duct taped together.

abacaca said...

"65536 sounds."

That's such a level of technological confusion that I can't even find words to make fun of it.

5c11 said...

Ah - you're just not thinking old school enough. Back in the day computers couldn't really handle large chunks of PCM data so your early sound chips usually relied on some form of synthesis. For a while there FM Synthesis was pretty popular (if you're old enough to remember Adlib cards for example), so having a bank of 65k sounds for your FM chip would've been pretty impressive.