Wednesday, October 17, 2012

50 Shades of Nate Grey

19. Who on this world needs me so?

X-Man #16 (June 1996) by Terry Kavanagh, Val Semeiks, and Bud Larosa

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George Morrow said...

That might be the worst dialogue I've ever seen in a comic book. Not just because no person has ever spoken like that ever, but because it reads like Kavanagh was going for "dramatically profound" and no one bothered to tell him how spectacularly he'd failed at that. And he just kept plugging away at it for another 4 years and 48 issues.

You could probably do an entire week's worth of "Shades..." based on this page. Wow. It's so awful, I actually kind of want to own this book now.

Have a good day.
G Morrow

timoneil5000 said...

Yeah, this is the beginning of Nate's "classic" period - by which I mean, the first year or so of his book, when it was still being written by Loeb with some John Ostrander thrown in, was passable, especially by the standards of mid-90s X-books. But as soon as Kavanagh took over the book become actively, aggressively terrible, so terrible that for those four years it existed seemingly just to prove the point that any book could survive and succeed if it just had an "X" in the title, even if it was 22 pages of test patterns.