Friday, August 03, 2012

When You Shoot At The King

This week's Comics of the Weak is up over at the Comics Journal site, wherein Tucker talks about some comics, Abhay gives the business to the moronic complacency of the comics "press," and I spew some shit about Doonesbury. And honestly? I am kind of amazed that anyone popped up in the comments to defend Doonesbury. I figured going after Trudeau would be the definition of an "easy target," and probably a lazy choice on my part. But reading this week's sequence, with its mixture of bilious self-regard and characteristically lazy art, brought some jokes to mind, and that's really all there is to it in terms of my deciding whether or not to contribute something to Tucker's column on any given week. But the first response in the comments feed is already coming knives-out about TCJ having a poor record with gender politics or whatever . . . kind of giving me a shivering bit of deja vu regarding why I stopped writing for the magazine in the first place.

I mean, seriously, I wanted to crack some jokes about how lame Doonesbury was and suddenly its an attack on Iraq War veterans and women's rights. Sigh. I hate comics.

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