Friday, May 25, 2012


Ideas belong to their creators. 

Any permanent transfer of IP ownership from a creator to a corporation is and has always been morally wrong.

Permanent IP transfer under any circumstances is and has always been theft. 

All money made by corporations from the exploitation of stolen IP is and will always be stolen money. 

It occurred to me that we're going about this all wrong. Complicated issues sometimes need simple solutions. How about we try doing things the hard way, no more half-measures.

It's a firm stance. It's not one that most people will be able to get behind. It doesn't allow for a lot of nuance. Hell, I'm not sure I agree with it entirely (Peter Laird sold the Turtles recently and seeing as how he'd already made millions off the property it's hard to argue with his rationale for simply not wanting to be personally responsible for the property anymore [Kevin Eastman sold his stake to Laird a long time ago].) But here is the ideal. This is the goal to strive for. 

In some ways it's clearly fantasyland, yes. But it's also right, and if you don't feel it somewhere deep in your bones you were never paying attention to what all these characters really stand for. 

It's not going to change the world. It's not about fighting for concessions. It's not about staking out an extreme position in hopes of eking out a fair compromise. It's simply right. You believe it or you don't. Decide how to go forward from here. 

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