Monday, February 22, 2010

I'm not who you think I am / I'm the king of Siam

They asked me to be this week's guest contributor over at Robot 6's weekly What Are You Reading? feature. As you can imagine, when asked to write some pithy blurbs about recent comics, I turned in an epic, rambling digression about Blackest Night, Siege and Jack Kirby's Eternals. I apparently have no ability to self-edit.

Did I pass the audition?

Number Seven on the top ten list might come tomorrow, or it might not - I have to go out of town later in the week due to a family emergency, so I reserve the right to fuck off for a few. I'm really enjoying the effort of putting together those articles - it's nice to write something a bit more structured and self-consciously thought-out for a change, as opposed to my usual mode of rambling digression. But they are a fair bit of work for all that, so I don't see myself having time for more than one a week until the end of the line. Hopefully they are worth the wait for my loyal readers, all three of you. (Hi, mom!)

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