Thursday, May 08, 2008

Lightning Round

1. What if it's not Barry Allen? Remember back during "Hush" when it looked like they had brought back Jason Todd but it was only a fake-out? People got really excited and then they thought it was a cheap gimmick - but DC saw it was a popular idea, so they brought the character back for real. (Notably, however, the second resurrection was much less effective and popular than the reaction to the first fake-out.) I can think of half-a-dozen ways that the person seen briefly at the end of DC Universe is not the person we think it is - and I'm not even that plugged-in to minutiae anymore.

2. Do Crow T. Robot and Tom Servo have distinctive personalities? I've been watching a lot of old MST3K's recently with my significant other and it strikes me that the robots don't really seem to have the well-defined personalities I thought they did. Perhaps I'm missing it - please explain your answers.

3. Portishead's Three - awesome or amazing? The Roots' Rising Down - disappointing?

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