Thursday, October 19, 2006


I was going to have another installment of the ongoing Fate of the Critic ready this morning, but fate seems to have decided otherwise. Just not enough hours in the night, apparently.


Man, I really am enjoying that Agents of Atlas series. The book is doing a good job of actually making me want to read the next issue, which is a rare feat in this day and age. But if they do more with the characters, like an ongoing after this miniseries is over, they need to have a guest issue written and drawn by James Kochalka.

Thank about it for a minute.


Am I the only one disappointed that the long-awaited team-up of Eddie Campbell and Harvey Pekar, in the pages of the new Vertigo American Splendor series, was only two pages long? I mean, seriously, the titanic meeting of the two great deans of autobiographical comics, and it's a two page strip about frozen pierogies? They have to be joking, they really do. Where's the full size "When Titans Tussle!" edition where Eddie's evil half-brother Loki tricks Harvey into fighting Eddie and they battle for a few pages before realizing they've been tricked, and then team up to fight Loki? And then the Sub Mariner tricks Hayley and Danielle into coming to Hollywood in order to make them movie stars, but instead secretly plans to lure the Domestic Duo to their doom? And of course they just happen to meet Peter Parker on the flight to Los Angeles?

Come on, people.


Just when I thought I couldn't love Beyond! any more than I already do, they give me Xenmu the Titan. It's like they are writing the book solely for my benefit, I swear to God.

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