Thursday, July 13, 2006


Recent events (don't ask) have caused me to wonder at just why there are so few amphibian-themed superheroes. I mean, there's a supercharacter for probably every insect you can mention, most mammals, a large amount of birds, a couple marsupials and even many extinct species (mad props to my homey Stegron the Dinosaur Man). But as far as amphibians go, you've got the Terrible Toad and Frog Man -- and I think that may be it. Am I missing anyone?

Maybe I just smoke too much crack, but could it be that the time is ripe for an All New, All Different Frog-Man? Maybe all grim 'n' gritty so he can join the New Avengers? Or at least make a cameo appearance in NextWave or something?

(On a totally unrelated note, how could the people behind the next Spider-Man film have screwed up the black costume so badly? It's one of those ideas that is so ismple it is almost Platonic: solid black with a white spider emblem. On film, with computers, they could make it look even cooler, creating a solid black figure that absorbed all light and moved like a shadow, in a way they could never really do with static images. Instead, we've got the same Spider-costume with, um, silver piping and stuff. I long ago stopped caring about these things in any but the most disassociated manner, but seriously, if they can't communicate the inherent coolness of one of the coolest visual motifs in Spider-Man's long history, is it any wonder why they have so far failed to produce a Spider-Man movie that does not put me to sleep?)

(Also, if you were wondering why I didn't say anything about the Superman movie, there are two reasons: firstly, I spent way too much time chasing rabbits involved with the X-Men 3 experience, and I really don't want people to get the idea that I spend a lot of time thinking about these things when, really, I don't - they're just easy to talk about when you need a need a blog post at three in the morning. Secondly, it was a horribly boring piece of shit, and as someone who paid money to sit through The Lake House that is not a judgment I make lightly. Sorry.)

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