Wednesday, April 05, 2006

"there's a norman mailer story in this issue of Well Hung Men"

So, rumors have reached me from distant lands about those strange things which men call "video games". Apparently they are still made and consumed in certain circles, among people unlike you or I.

As I have often said, I will not discuss these so-called "video games" unless there is some sort of Italian plumber involved, preferably in the act of jumping on shelled reptiles or possibly amassing gold coins. You kids with your "Grand Theft Autos" and your "Final Fantsies" -- how can you make a sequel to a game which has the word "Final" in the title? It seems rather to preclude the possibility of a sequel. Either that or someone is lying.

In any event, word has reached me, travelling through my various underworld contacts, of strange and wonderful news. Apparently, scientists theorize that one day there shall be a game system known as the "DS" -- some sort of latter-day interactive entertainment device. And on this system there shall be a game called New Super Mario Bros. And it shall be good.

You had me at "Lakitu".

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