Sunday, March 14, 2004

Notable Links for 03/15

OK, never let it be said that I am above self-promotion here: if you want to see what I though of Ezra Claytan Daniels' "Changers", go here, courtesy of our good friends at the Poopsheet.

Did any of you have an interesting weekend? No, me neither.

* Courtesy of the ol' Wifey-Poo: here's the latesy volley in the continuing effort to stop government censorship in the United States. As the man says: "Join the campaign for free speech today and cast your vote for the first amendment." I can't think of a better possible use for your time, can you?

* Just when you thought the United States' comic industry was closed to new talent - this comes along. Well, never let it be said that Tokyopop doesn't like good publicity. (Link courtesy of the Pulse.)

* DC Comics is doing a reader survey here. Interestingly enough, there seems to be actual awknowledgement that children are not the primary audience for most books these days - perhaps we shall soon see an end to incongruously placed candy ads in mainstream DC books? Wait, comics fans are still fat...


Thanks, folks, I got a million of 'em.

* Johanna Draper Carlson has updated Comics Worth Reading, and she reports back on Viz's "Hot Gimmick", DC/Wildstorm's "Stormwatch: Team Achilles" (which you might recall I wrote a pretty neat review of myself about a week ago), and she wins the Internet Medal of Valor for wading through a pile of books from Moonstone Press here.

* Also courtesy of Ms. Carlson, we have news that comicdom's own Lea Hernandez is featured in this week's "Parade" magazine feature on "What People Earn." There's a link to the article here but it doesn't seem to have the actual content online. Lets just say - Ms. Hernandez earns a lot less than you'd hope. How many of our cartoonists live below the poverty line?

* The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel talks to Mark Heath about his new strip, "Spot the Frog", here.

* Noel Murray reviews the first volume of Fantagraphics' "Complete Peanuts" for the Onion's AV Club here. Meanwhile, USAToday tackles the book here. I hope Fantagraphics printed a bunch, because I have a feeling its going to be the company's best selling title right out of the gate.

* Comics legend Harvey Pekar reviews a pile of recent jazz reissues - and a calypso record to boot - here, courtesy of

* You want to talk about stretching a metaphor past the point of cruel and unusual punishment? Check out James Lucier's recent column about John Ker - er - Superman. Link courtesy of Insight on the News.

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