Monday, March 01, 2004

Notable Links 03/02

Man, this is a slow news day. Everyone and their mothers are still talking about the Academy Awards - yawn - wake me when its over...

* Apperantly the Feb 20th installment of "BC" has caused more uproar against cartoonist Johnny Hart - take a look at this letter (second one down) to the Washington Columbian. Having looked at the strip, I don't see it, but that's just me.

* "Riverhead Books has acquired cult comic sensation David Rees's Get Your War On II, according to Senior Editor Sean McDonald. McDonald purchased world rights from Kassie Evashevski at Brillstein-Grey Entertainment in Beverly Hills. The book will be published in September 2004." Read more here, courtesy of Yahoo! Finance.

* Ed Gamble, artist for The Florida Times-Union in Jacksonville has won the 2004 "Wilbur" award for Outstanding Religious Themes in Media, in the category for editorial cartoons and comic strips. Read more here, courtesy of US Newswire.

* "Getting teenagers and young adults to read and use public libraries is a challenge the library in Ocean Springs is addressing with a $5,000 development grant from the Mississippi Library Commission." Read more here, courtesy of the Sun-Herald.

* The New York Times takes a look at the - ahem - Doctor Seussentennial celebrations in La Jolla, California, celebrating the 100 years since Theodor ("Dr. Seuss") Geisel's birthday here.

* Cartoonist Oliver Chin, author of the 9-11 narrative "9 of 1: A Window to the World", has a new book coming out on the subject of Chinese basketball phenom Yao Ming, Read more about it here, courtesy of The Argus Online.

* Barb Lien-Cooper at Sequential Tart takes a look at how the mainstream's dismissive attitudes towards Manga translate into dismissive attitudes towards female readers in general.

* Also at Sequential Tart , Rebecca Salek takes a look at superhero books aimed at kids here.

* Hey, what's up with all these Sequential Tart links? You'd think they updated or something... here's a round-table look at Tokyopop's "Pet Shop of Horrors", a book they seem to love. I dunno, I haven't seen it but that title is enough to keep me away...

* Oh well, here's one more: an interview with "Interman" creator Jeff Parker.

* I lied, here's another: Jen Bomford looks at why Manga fans are such whiners. (OK, that's not exactly what it says but close enough, a'ight?)

* "The apex journalists' body - All Manipur Working Journalists' Union and the World Comics India (WCI) is jointly organizing an exhibition cum workshop on cartoons, wall posters and comics strips on Friday, (March 5) at the Manipur Press Club [in Kangla, India]." For a rather awkwardly phrased but interesting glance at Indian cartooning, go here, courtesy of Kangla Online.

* Tim O'Shea at Silver Bullet Comics talks with Sean Dietrich, creator of Rorschach Entertainment's "industriacide" here.

* Comic-book publishers can too conquer the world, and here's why (courtesy of the Asia Times).

* Well, I'll be dipped in shit: Gilbert Shelton's classic underground superhero parody "Wonder Warthog" has apperantly gained new life in the world of motocross racing and racing apperal. Go here for more, courtesy of DirtXXX.

* David Allison takes a look at Jeffrey Brown's "Clumsy" here (link courtesy of Sean T. Collins).

Oh, just incase you missed it yesterday: if anyone has a copy of The Comics Journal #255 they would care to part with, please drop me a line. I missed it and there's not a store in my immediate vicinity that has a copy, and Fantagraphics is sold out to boot.

Will pay good American dollars, G.I.

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