Thursday, March 11, 2004

Notable Links for 03/11

Apparently I am teh suck.

Indeed, it has been brought to my attention that my profreading skills have somehow failed to catch the numerous and repeated misspellings of the word "apparently" that I pepper this here blog with. So, thanks for bringing this to my attention, I will now found another word to misspell.

In other news, Cerebus #300 came out and it doesn't feel like the world's any different but I'll be damned if this isn't some kind of milestone.

* Columnist Larry Elder proudly presents the McGruder Award: for most outrageous statement by a black public figure. I've never read this guy before, I guess he's a bit to the right of ol' Aaron? Link courtesy of World Net Daily.

* Tim Hartnett at Silver Bullet Comics takes a look at the prices of modern comic books, and how they've changed through the years here.

* Cartoonist Jonathan Shapiro of South Africa's Mail & Guardian, better known as Zapiro, has earned a nomination in the graphical journalism category of South Africa's Mondi Awards. "The yearly Mondi Awards acknowledge South African journalists 'who excel in their profession and who exhibit unsurpassed distinction in the various disciplines of newspaper journalism', according to the nominations announcement." Read more here.

* "Mallard Fillmore" takes on NCAA President Myles Brand in this weeks' strip - read about it here courtesy of WISH TV - Indianapolis.

* Guy Leshinski of The Eye takes a look at the disconnect between writers and artists in the comics medium, and the relatively few cartoonists who can master both disciplines here.

* James Heflin of the Valley Advocate reviews Ted Rall's new book "Attitude 2" here, his second look at the new generation of politically relevant satirical comic strips.

* Newsweek takes a look at the recent "Kavalier & Klay" tie-in comic, "The Escapist, published by Dark Horse, here.

* "Brazilian World Cup star Ronaldo is to be the hero in a comic strip, local media reported on Tuesday. The 27-year-old striker, whose comic figure will go by the name of Ronaldinho (Little Ronaldo) will be working on the project together with illustrator Mauricio de Sousa." Read more here, courtesy of The Star.

* Alan David Doane has five questions with Tom Beland of "True Story, Swear To God" fame here.

* Steven Grant discusses Crossgen this week and its scintillating as per usual. Courtesy of Comic Book Resources.

* "Hagar the Horrible" snuck some free advertising in for his pals at the Meredith Marina in New Hampshire - only thing is, he didn't tell the Marina beforehand. Read about it here courtesy of the Union Leader.

* "According to an anthropology professor at Duke University, the presence of Japanese culture within American thought and media at the turn of the century creates interesting topics for discussion. Anne Allison, chairwoman of the Department of Cultural Anthropology at Duke University, will present a lecture titled 'Sailor Moon: Japanese Superheroes for Global Girls.'' Read more here, courtesy of the Western Herald.

* "Seated in the living room of his cozy West Side home, Dean Norman reflects on how he became a cartoonist. “My dad was an accountant. He had to add figures all day. I thought, I could draw funny pictures ! That would be so much more fun than sitting at a desk.” A teenager growing up in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Norman signed up for a mail-order cartooning course, hoping to someday become a magazine or comic-strip artist." Read more here courtesy of the Cleveland Free Times.

* "Jennifer Fong sounds normal enough. But the Chinese-American girl is about to stumble upon an ancient eastern mystical power that will change her life forever. She makes her way to local comic book stores today with the launch of 'Black Tiger: Legacy of Fury.'" Read more here, courtesy of the Pasadena Star News.

* Catch "Happy" cartoonist Josh Simmons as he tours the midwest with Glorybee and Rainbow, singing about how great it is to be a 14-year-old girl... or something. I don't really get it myself, but Simmons is one hell of a cartoonist, so if you're interested in seeing him perform I'd check this out (courtesy of the Comics Journal board).

* OK, this is hardly news, but I laughed. (Courtesy of TonyDiGerolamo over on the Comicon boards.)

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