Thursday, March 11, 2004

Notable Links for 03/12

So John Byrne's doing the Doom Patrol. I don't know whether to yawn or to fall asleep.

Oh, I shouldn't be so snide. I'll probably try it out, I'm a generous soul and still remember when Byrne was good. But it is kinda disturbing that they're stepping on the heels of the Arcudi/Eng run so entirely, almost wiping it out of existence, if the rumors are to be believed. It's one of my favorite books of the past few years. There was a period where it was the only DC book I bought. They seem to have a habit of cancelling all the books I really like, which is why I give Baker's "Plastic Man" a year, tops.

So I started to read this thread here, because I was kinda a little bit interested... and then it started to drag and I realized it never ends. People would talk about Doom Patrol continuity all damn day, if they could. Makes me rethink this whole comic-book thing, you know? Maybe macrame needs a blog.

* "A Ka Leo O Hawai'i editorial cartoon that was considered offensive and racist was discussed at an open Board of Publications meeting last night. The cartoon in question, titled "When to really skip the meeting," showed a character running away from a meeting where characters were dressed in Ku Klux Klan attire. The drawing, by Casey Ishitani, ran in the Feb. 10 issue of Ka Leo." Read more here, courtesy of

* "Journal News editorial cartoonist Matt Davies has been named the first winner of the Herblock Prize, awarded in the memory of legendary cartoonist and three-time Pulitzer Prize winner Herbert Block. Davies, 37, won the award from a field of 64 prominent artists and was chosen by a panel of judges that included Doonesbury cartoonist Garry Trudeau and New Yorker magazine editor David Remnick." Read more here, courtesy of The Journal News.

* Comics' popularity in Thailand continues to grow - Siam Inter MultiMedia is making a mint on the thriving industry. Read more here, courtesy of The Miami Herald.

* Comics Industry Saved By - news at 11. (Thanks to Michael Grabowski and the Comics Journal board).

* "A TEENAGE thug who nearly killed the son of a cartoonist was yesterday warned he faced a long custodial sentence. Sean McCormick, 20, son of cartoonist Malky McCormick,was put in a coma after being stamped on the head by Gordon Gibb and being punched by Gibb's father." Read more here, courtesy of The Daily Record.

* Chris Allen's mighty biweekly "Breakdowns" is out this week - its long and has lots of good and interesting things to say, I'm certain. Courtesy of Movie Poop Shoot.

* Graphic artist Jane Irwin will host a workshop to show teens how to make "mini-comics" at the Grandville Library in Grandville, Michigan at 2 p.m. on March 27. For more information, please go here, courtesy of

* Cartoonist Suzy Becker discusses her upcoming book "I Had Brain Surgery, What's Your Excuse?" here, courtesy of The Oregonian.

* "After dropping out of the race for president last month, former Vermont governor Howard Dean is once again in the news—this time campaigning for his new film, Hellboy. Dean is touting the film, which opens April 2, as one of his major efforts to continue his battle with what he considers 'a war mongering, power hungry Bush administration bent on world domination.'" Read more here, courtesy of

* "Alias today announced the grand prize winners of Expose Yourself, the contest for illustrators and designers who produce their digital creations using Alias SketchBook Pro software and a Tablet PC or digitized tablet. An intuitive, pen-based application, Alias SketchBook Pro extends the capability and versatility of a digitized tablet or Tablet PC by transforming it into a digital sketchbook." Read more here, courtesy of Animation Artist.

* I did not know that Dame Darcy lived in Orange County - I guess you learn something new everyday. Read more about the cross-pollinating art scene in SOuthern California here, courtesy of the OC Weekly.

* Old comics are worth lots of money! And new comics just aren't as good as those old Silver Age Classics! This wisdom brought to us by the Tuscon Citizen.

* Professor Scott Tipton has a go at "Batman: The Animated Series" over at Movie Poop Shoot. Man, that was a good cartoon.

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