Friday, January 23, 2004

StilL Doesn't Quite Get It

Axel Alonso keeps insulting his customer base. He may entertain illusions that his Marvel Knights readers are somehow a cut above the normal everyday fanboy, but I've some news for him: their not. I hope it makes him sleep better, but what he's doing is basically the eqivilent of packaging peanut-butter to people who don't eat peanut butter - people who don't eat peanut butter still aren't going to buy peanut butter, and the people who do eat peanut butter will buy the peanut butter but will be angry for having been both insulted and foresaken.

If you are buying superhero comics on a regular basis anymore, you are hard-core. I think wondering whether or not the Hulk or Thor is stronger is pretty much a requisite for being a superhero comics fan - the genre has pushed out the weak until the only people left are the witless who don't read anything else and people (like myself) who really should know better. But still - chances are if you buy any Marvel comics now or ever, you have spent at least some time pondering who is stronger between the Hulk and the Thor. This fabled new audience of Alonso's just does not and has never existed.

The good news is that, of course, he can insult the remaining hard core as long as he wants - they're still gonna buy 'Wolverine'. They'll just make their retailers' lives a living hell until they get John Byrne back on the book.

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