Monday, January 19, 2004

New Releases For 1/20/04

Here's a partial list of everything coming out in stores tomorrow, courtesy of our friends at Ice Magazine.

Big Advice Love Shines (Electric Monkey)

I have no idea who this is but Electric Monkey were responsible for a very interesting album from a fellow named Joel a while back. Interesting soulful house type stuff... who knows what this is, might be good?

Cee-Lo Cee-Lo Green... Is the Soul Machine (Arista)

Good to see that Cee-Lo is still going strong. It was a shame what happened to the Goodie Mob, especially considering they imploded just a year or so before Outkast went big in a major way. Its not hard to think that they could have probably ridden those coattails had they survived. But anyway, Cee-Lo is very good in his own right, very funky Southern rap with some gospel and electronic overtones, if his past output is any indicator.

Ani DiFranco Educated Guess(Righteous Babe)

So, what is this, her 87th album or something? She's actually slowed down recently, which is good - we already have one Guided By Voices - they're called Guided By Voices.

Dizzee Rascal Boy in da Corner (Matador/XL)

Now, from the electronic music POV, this is probably the biggest release today. Dizzee Rascal is the next in a long line of British MC's who've tried to break the American market - but America has traditionally been very resistant to anyone rapping with an accent (save for the occasional Caribbean island dweller). Anyway, you've heard Dizzee Rascal if you've heard the Basement Jaxx's 'Lucky Star' - and while I'm not a fan of this performance on that song I do think he might go better on his own. His production is supposed to be very good, but they said that about the Streets as well and I was underwhelmed. Oh well, do I sound pessimistic? I really do want this to be a good album, if for no other reason than its always nice to see some UK Garage - even hybridized UK Garage - on the charts.

Front Line Assembly Civilization (Metropolis)

Its heartening to know that some things never change... every little while you can expect Metropolis to release something from a group you thought was dead years ago. Nothing wrong with that, mind you - we'll always have a soft spot in our hearts for the old school industrial sounds.

King Cobra King Cobra (EP) (Troubleman Unlimited)

Is this possibly a product tie-in to some kind of Malt Liquor?

Necronomitron Necronomitron (Load)

New contender for 'Best Band Name Ever'. Unfortunately, the name is so cool I honestly doubt the band can live up to it.

Northstar RZA Presents (Koch/In the Paint)

Dude. Its so good to see that coming out of the closest hasn't affected Northstar's rap career. I mean, first he gets that great assignment in Uncanny X-Men, now this - I'll bet he pretends not to know Puck anymore when they meet each other in the supermarket, you know?

Greg Palast Weapons of Mass Destruction (Alternative Tentacles)

Hmmm. Wonder if this CD might just have some political content.

Scarface Balls and My Word (Screwed and Chopped) (PBK)

Whoever named this CD obviously didn't want people to buy it.

Man, this is a dead week - must be January. Oh wait, it is!

Sister Hazel Live*LIVE (two CDs) (Sixthman)

OOOOH! Buy two they're small.

We're All Gonna Die Go to Hell (Underdogma)

What a positive, pro-life message here. Warms the cockles of your heart, doesn't it?

DVD MTV Punk'd - The Complete First Season (Paramount)

Is it possible to boycott the release of something you weren't going to buy anyway? In any event, I want to see the episodes where everyone sues Ashton Kutcher for being right asshole. Now that would be good TV.

DVD Belle & Sebastian Fans Only (Matador)

I see I need not apply, then.

DVD Meat Beat Manifesto In Dub 5.1 Surround (Music Video Distributors/Lakeshore)

Ooooh. This looks nice.

DVD Audio Cornelius 5.1 Plus PM (CD/DVD combo) (Matador)

Now, this might be good. Can't figure out what it is, though... OK, according to Matador its your standard videos comp with a twist - its got a bonus CD of Cornelius remixes done for Cornelius by his fans for a contest. Might just be good. I have fond memories of listening to 'Fantasma' way back in the day - but then again, I obviously never cared enough for it to buy a copy myself, so who knows what that says?

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