Sunday, January 18, 2004


So, everyone and their mother is getting all excited about the possibility (still unconfirmed although its been a while) that Joss Whedon of Buffy the Vampire Slayer is writing New X-Men in Grant Morrison's wake. In any event, I suppose it was impossible to get a name that would satisfy any of Morrison's fans, especially those (like myself) who bought New X-Men solely for Morrison (and will be dropping it like a hot potato once he's done) - but are they even trying? I mean, seriously.

May I make a modest proposal? Instead of Joss Whedon, how about Adam Rifkin? Who's Adam Rifkin, you ask? Well, he wrote this mid-90's Kristy Swanson and Charlie Sheen vehicle:

If the criteria they're using for picking the next writer of Marvel's commercial flagship is whether or not a person has written bad Kristy Swanson movies, I think you will find Mr. Rifkin to be more than adequately qualified.

(By the way, 'The Chase' isn't even available on DVD yet. If that's not the definition of injustice, what is? Was there ever a movie more suited for the luxurious DVD format?)

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