Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Lest We Forget

I have recently discovered the worst super costume of all time. I am honestly somewhat amazed that this bad boy could have escaped my notice for so long. It would have to have crossed my path somewhere along the line, but I probably just blocked it out. It's quite painful.

Plus, until recently, I was never much of a Legion fan. Yeah, the Legion has had some pretty bad costumes over the years, but the #1 horrid costume award has to go to my main man, Mordru.

Look at that thing. Purple tunic. Yellow Belt. Green fez with wings and an eyball.

Green fez with wings and an eyball.

Sometimes he even has green leggings as well.

I know that in recent years he has apparently got a new costume of some sort. He wants to convince everyone that he's a hip young super-villain in the pages of JSA, rocking the leather-daddy look that was so popular about five years back. But he's not fooling anyone.

But I've figured out a secret. Mordru likes to play like he's an omnipotent Lord of Chaos or some such - but I know the truth. He's really just Alan Moore.

In another ten or fifteen years or so comics' foremost real-life mage will look something like this:

And then he'll be able to fight the Legion of Super Heroes to his hearts' content.

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