Friday, November 18, 2005


As I am sure everyone is aware, there is no sensation in the universe more frustrating than writing a huge long post that gets swallowed up into the ether when your computer belches. So, in lieu of rewriting the post I had already written, I am simply going to throw some questions out there that have been tickling my brain for no good reason:

  • Was there a Green Lantern Corps on Earth 2?
  • Was there a New Genesis / Apokalips on Earth 2?
  • Sgt. Rock - Earth 1 or Earth 2?
  • Likewise, the DC Western heroes?
  • Legion of Super-Heroes?

    Not that these are in any way important questions, but with all this talk about the goofy old Multiverse they just sort of occurred to me. I do dearly wish that my free thoughts could be devoted to something like Hegel or 17th Century international relations, but what are you gonna do?

    If you have answers, I'll give you a prize of some sort, one that doesn't actually involve any prizes at all. An imaginary prize.
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