Wednesday, March 05, 2008


OK, remember how I said I was going to post? Well, then I ran head first into the Week From Hell. However, since I feel bad about leaving you all with nothing, I'll give you some one-or-two-sentence NERD thoughts you can take up in the comments, if you wish:

Do you think DC is using the much-maligned Countdown series as a way to clear the decks of a number of dead-end and unpopular plot threads before Final Crisis hits? If yes, was this the plan all along or did they switch plans once they saw how unpopular all the Countdown-related actually were?

She-Hulk: Peter David is capable of writing good, fun comics when he wants to, but his first arc on this series is poor enough to bring into doubt the question of whether the series will last long enough to get to a second Peter David story arc.

Shooter on the Legion: still cooking with butane, but three issues in the lack of interesting villains is starting to be felt. Admittedly, this is a weakness of a lot of Legion stories, but that doesn't make it Ok...

Am I the only one who thinks that Grant Morrison's Batman is simply not very good?

Idea: some Skrull agents are so deep they may not even know themselves that they are actually Skrulls - the ultimate sleeper. Would allow them to have their cake and eat it to in regards to Iron Man - as well as enabling agents to pass muster with psychics.

Another idea: they haven't come out and explicitly said the X-Men won't be involved in the Skrull business, and given how much the X-books suffered from being on far the periphery of Civil War, I imagine they are thinking long and hard about how to tie the mutant books closer to this upcoming event. With that said, if any X-Man is a Skrull, my money is on Cyclops.

Call me a sucker, but I'm enjoying Geoff Johns' Legion story in Action. I guess I just really love the Legion.

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