Thursday, March 27, 2008

Did You Know...?

Magno-Ball is not actually the most popular sport of the 31st century? It's Knife Ball, a 26th century variation of Australian-rules Rugby played with knives?

Fantagraphics co-founder Gary Groth is also the original keyboardist for 80s funk icons Cameo?

Harvey Pekar hasn't actually lived in Cleveland since 1992? He bought an artisanal dairy farm in west Texas in 1992!

The real reason for Clyde Fans' delays? Skrull spoilers!

Garfield is actually played by three different cats!

Since his retirement, Steve Ditko spends all day drawing Spider-Man and Dr. Strange stories, "just for fun".

All the manga in the United States is actually bought by twelve people, who "don't want the creators' feelings to be hurt"!

Alan Moore is actually a Presbyterian.

Mad Magazine owes its continued publication to a 1995 DARPA grant.

Jaime and Gilbert Hernandez are in fact the same person - Morton Hernandez. "Jaime" draws with his left hand, and "Gilbert" draws with the right!

Carl Barks, contrary to popular belief, was not actually a dog!

Tom Spurgeon moonlights as one of mainstream comics' most popular writers. Mums the word, but his non de plume apparently rhymes with "Geoff Johns".

Maus was the result of a late-night bar-bet between Art Spiegelman and Gore Vidal.

Kramers Ergot does not actually have anything to do with Kramer from the popular television series Seinfeld!

Robert Crumb has been on Paxil since 1995.

Contrary to popular belief, Superman's creators Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster were not actually Jewish - they were Senagalese!

Chris Ware enjoys a profitable sideline as a talent scout for the Arizona Diamondbacks!

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