Thursday, January 17, 2008

Count my Tipos

Word is starting to come in from the first parties to order a copy of my book from Amazon. I am surprised that it was printed and shipped so soon, I'll say that: given the nature of "print on demand" I was expecting a much more leisurely roll-out. And yet, from what I have heard, folks have been receiving their books in about the same amount of time you'd expect a regular book to ship from the Amazon headwaters.

If you order a copy of the book, don't be shy about it, OK? Tell me what you think, even if you hate it, feel free to leave long comments on the Amazon page recommending it to all and sundry, tell your friends and coworkers to take the plunge.

One sad fact to report - not necessarily unexpected, but unfortunate all the same - is that there are still a number of typos in the finished manuscript. This was to be expected, alas - despite having gone over the manuscript half-a-dozen times myself, besides half-a-dozen or so people having read through the final draft over the last couple years, a few typos still survived. And boy, now that the book is printed between two covers the typos are unavoidable. Oh well, you do what you can with the resources you have.

So yeah, if you bought the book, sorry about the typos. If the book sells enough copies to warrant it, a hypothetical revised edition would obviously be typo-free. The typos will be proof of your copy's provenance.

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