Monday, July 09, 2007

Back To Save The Universe

Well I'm still alive.

I really didn't want to move in the dead of summer, and yet somehow it just so happened that I ended up moving on the hottest day of the year - so far - in the middle of an oppressive heat wave. I now live on the fourth floor of a four floor building and three Puerto Rican dudes had to carry all my stuff up four flights of stairs in oppressive 95 degree heat. I have a lot of stuff. Thankfully they didn't decide to rise up and slay their white oppressor.

And then of course I still had a few days left in the old apartment, lots of cleaning, still carloads of stuff to be moved. And somehow I managed to through in half a week of housesitting in the middle of all that. The cat got to live in my ex's basement for a week, much to the dismay of the three dogs upstairs. Somehow she didn't hate me after all was said and done, although she was filthy after five days of rolling around on a bare concrete floor.

And then finally I moved in, on Monday the 2nd . . . and waited until Friday the 6th to get my cable, internet and phone running. So in the intervening time I unpacked stuff and caught up on my Doctor Who, courtesy of a DVD with half the recent season a friend from work gave me (my ex-work). But of course the last episode on the DVD was "Human Nature", which ended with one of the best cliffhangers in Doctor Who history... so the first thing I did when I had my internet up and running was to find the rest of the season. Man, I have to say that although I did not care at all for the Shakespeare episode (magic, even lame faux-magic, doesn't fit with the Doctor's milieu, yo), this is perhaps the strongest season of the new series to date. Even if you discount just how much the creators screwed up 1930s New York in the Dalek episodes - I've always wondered just why the Doctor never spent more time in America, and I guess I now know why: British TV writers write America about as well as American TV writers write, um, any other country. But still fun. I'm wondering where the Daleks go from here - since they are running out of classic villains to bring back, does this mean we'll see the return of Davros in season four? There is the small matter of Davros having been killed about as definitively as possible (in an exploding supernova, kind of hard to get around that) but I wouldn't put it past the current crew to give it the old college try. I'm happy with the news that Catherine Tate will be an "official" companion in the next series: the Doctor does well with sparky companions, and Tennant's Doctor especially needs someone to prod him in the ass, considering the generally adulatory tone of both Rose and Martha's tenures. I'm all for them bringing back Ace, too, but I'm probably the only one, and it will never happen, so poopie.

What the fuck is up with no one selling waterbeds or waterbed accessories anymore? I must have walked around six different stores looking for a patch kit, and people looked at me funny just for saying I owned a waterbed. Thank you internet, at least there are some people on this planet who still believe in the primal dream of sleeping on a liquid-filled bladder of pure relaxation.

A big shout out to my homie Neilalien who was kind enough to extend an invitation for me to come sleep on his couch for MOCCA - but alas, it was not to be. I haven't been to a comics convention of any kind since Clinton was president. In any event, it was just horrible timing - busy week, bad time to be planning any trips down to the Big Apple, especially since just looking at a subway schedule makes me hyperventilate. I am horrible with transportation schedules of any kind. Bus schedules make me break out in hives. Not because I dislike public transportation, I just have some weird mental block against understanding transportation schedules.

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