Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Youth Culture Killed My Dog

OK, no answers on the subject of my comments dilemma have been forthcoming. This is slightly disconcerting because comments which have been posted have apparently not been posting properly. No one else has had this problem? Anyone? I am hesitant to put up any substantial posts until the matter is cleared. Perhaps it was an isolated incident?

Perhaps the Dixie Chicks should change their name to Monkey-Faced Girl and Her Retinue.

It had to happen if I lived long enough - youth culture has finally surpassed my ability to comprehend. I have a long-standing fondness for weird music of all varieties, but I have met my match in the form of the Animal Collective.

if my family had a crest with heraldry and such, the motto would probable be "It's Not Weird Enough" (seriously, just ask my dad). But the evidence on display here leads me to believe that yes, it is finally weird enough. Thanks to the joys of YouTube I am including a fairly representative example (from what I have heard) of the group's music. I am not in any way endorsing or putting any kind of stamp of approval on this, it's probably not something to which you should subject yourself for long periods of time. But it is something you should probably be aware of, in the same way you need to know about the threat of juvenile delinquency:

Whatever happened to pounding on sheet metal and screaming in German or recording the sound of your laptop belching code? I mean, really, they're just listening to this because someone said it was cool, right? No one has the guts to say that it's just too weird to actually enjoy and they're just waiting for someone at Pitchfork to tell them it's OK to stop listening to it, right? Right?

When Youth Culture has finally made Aphex Twin seem shockingly conservative in comparison, then Youth Culture has gone too far.

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