Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Things I Wonder

What the hell was up with the Ghostbusters cartoon from the 80s? Not the Real Ghostbusters, the one that came out first and made the other one have to be the "Real" deal. It was, like, Abbot & Costello and a monkey, and they had a car that travelled through time. Or something like that, I'm not really sure exactly how it went.

Why is Wolverine so popular? I mean, he's got the ugliest costume in comics history. At least when John Romita Sr. sketched it out originally, all the markings had sort of a basis in design: the black streaks were clawmarks, his ear-thingies sort of looked like ear thingies a real wolverine might have. But through the years it's just become this abstract thing with black shapes on a yellow field. And the weirdo buccaneer boots and the Batman ears - it's all just so weird and stylized, like a Mexican wrestler uniform crossed with a hyper-defined Kabuki costume. If someone wore it in the real world, they would look unmistakably ... fey, I guess. But in comics bright blue buccaneer boots and skintight leotards are the absolute epitome of masculinity. I'd pop some old chestnut about nerds being at the vanguard of sexual virility, but really, I think we all know that old song and dance by now...

Wolvie sad. Wolvie also looks like a Tom of Finland drawing.

Speaking of which, that reminds me of a rather amusing story.

Back when I was still married, I remember I was looking at something -- probably a web page or maybe a book -- that had a picture of the old-school Mr. Terrific in it. Well, of course my wife zeroed in on that pic while looking over my shoulder, and immediately quipped: "He's gay." Which she didn't mean at all in the pejorative, merely that, anyone who would wear that costume must, by definition, be gay. She's hung out around gay people a lot, I guess you get a feel for these things.

But really, is it true? I mean, outside of the Pride Parades most gay people dress, well, maybe a little bit more natty than us hetero schlubs, but not like Broadway performers at any rate. In this day and age, I think you can safely say that wearing a costume like Mister Terrific doesn't make you gay, it merely makes you a moron.

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