Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Speak & Spell

Got the new remix up over at the 'Shock. Although I swore I wouldn't go back to the Identity Crisis well so soon (for fear of it becoming a gimmick), the temptation to play with Flash #214 was just too much. For everyone who's been trying to figure out just who the killer is, (and for people who don't care but like to see me put cuss-words in the mouths of heavily copyrighted characters), I think I may have it figured out. Really, the parameters of the "mystery" are set so high that only a very small group of characters could convincingly pull it off. Captain Boomerang? Only if he's being mind controled by Braniac and pumping Bane's leftover venom. Of course, if my jokey guess is correct, I'd be extremely surprised, but still, it's pretty much the only one that makes a damn bit of sense.

Also, thanks to to few people who awknowledged my birthday. I don't really blog at all about personal stuff - for good reason. One, I'm very private, and two, I knwo that most people just aren't interested.

But I was kinda interested to see that my birthday (09/26) is actually a common birthday around the blogosphere. Trash Heap had their birthday yesterday as well (it is also thanks to him that I found out we also share a birthday with Tracy Thorne of Everything But The Girl - yay!!!). He got a big pile of birthday loot, which looks really cool.

If you're wondering what I got for my birthday, I would like to begin by saying that my wife is the most wonderful woman in the universe. We don't have a lot right now, but we get by, and she makes it all worth while. Anyway, she baked me a loaf of the most wonderful pumpkin bread in the universe. This stuff is delicious - put some margarine on it and it's to die for. The best part is that she says it is simplicity itself to make - as opposed to banana bread, which is kind of a hassle - so I should be getting more in the future.

Anyway, that was my birthday. Another year older, another year closer to the never ending abyss of eternal sleep. Yay!!!

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