Friday, September 03, 2004


Remember a while back when I said there was a big announcement on the way? Well, the time has come for that announcement!

Those of you who enjoyed my review of Identity Crisis #3 might recall that I said there were more of these reviews in the works. Well, thanks to the good people over at, the Comic Remix is now a weekly feature. Check out the first installment, featuring my version of Avengers #500, here. is a smaller site, just starting out, and doesn't yet have the clout of a Newsarama or a Comicon. They're still trying to put together the type of original content that keeps people coming back to those aforementioned sites. Hopefully, their decision to let me offend the world of mainstream comics publishing on a weekly basis will do nothing to hinder their rise. Check them out - they're good people (and I'm not just saying that because they publish my stuff - or actually, I guess I am, but still, that's a good enough reason, isn't it?).

For some reason this was not a good week for blogging. I was able to post a couple nice things, but for some strange reason I just couldn't get down to the business of writing any reviews. I got a big pile of books here that need to be read and commented on, but its not something I can just "force". My wife and I have had a hectic couple of weeks and for some reason my enthusiasm for reading anything but ten-year old Valiant back issues is at a low ebb (best not to ask, really).

Hopefully next week will provide me with more enthusiasm. There are some nice looking books that I am eager to comment on, but for some reason I just don't have the enthusiasm for it right this moment. Bear with me - I'm sure waiting a few more days to hear my opinion of random Oni books will not kill you.

For some reason I have been getting really good reader mail lately. I would like everyone to know that I really appreciate everyone who takes the time and effort to write. Sometimes it might take me a bit to reply, but I try and respond to every letter in a timely and considerate fashion. It may not seem like a lot, but a kind and perceptive letter means a lot to those of us who make a habit of putting our thoughts out here on a regular basis. The fact that people are reading and actually appreciate what we're saying is really ... cool. That's the best word for it.

Maybe one of these days I'll run a contest. People seem to like contests, and everyone likes to link to a contest. The thing is, I can't really figure out anything to do. I don't even have a nifty squirrel name generator or anything. Maybe I could have a contest to make a contest... nah, that'd be stupid.

If we're going to be stupid, let's just go all out:

And I'm out, dog.

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