Thursday, August 05, 2004

Super, Thanks For Asking

Well, for some reason I just haven't got much work done at all the past few days. I really couldn't tell you why. Nothing really strange has been going on, except my computer's long slow death. There will be a reformatting soon, and I am not looking forward to this. I am having to use the Wife's computer in order to do a number of things, which makes life insanely difficult. Having two computers should ideally mean that there are no arguments over when to use the computer... but when one of the computers is shitting its pants on a regular basis it creates problems.

So, anyway.

Some of you (well, OK, probably just Slote) may have been wondering just where our old pal Chinese Bizarro Spider-Man had gotten off to. Well, he's finally landed on the first leg of his adventures. Check it out here, courtesy of our new pal Jamie Tarquini, aka: pmpknface. He says there'll be some sort of magic contest to decide where Spidey gets to go next , so I'd be on the look out! Any new revelations will be posted here as well, of course. I really would like to know just what Mr. Turtle did to deserve suc ha sound thrashing. Is he an evil turtle?

Could Aquaman talk to a turtle? Thay're amphibeans, I think, so they spend at least part of the time in the water. Aquaman talks to whales, dolphins, lobsters and eels, and they're not fish. Maybe Aquaman could get to the bottom of why the turtle is so cranky. And dude, I always new CBS-M was a ladies man, but he's cold gettin' fresh with Batgirl there. I guess he's just suave like that.

Anyway, nothing new and fun today. If you're bored, check out any of my reviews on the sidebar. Hell, go over to the Wife's site and check out one of her mixes - you'll probably be glad you did. Tell her Aquaman sent you.

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