Tuesday, August 17, 2004


Editor's note: Today's blog entry has been provided by the author's twin brother Ted O'Neil

So, like, I been readin about this Liebr's Evelven thing oging around the comics blogosphere and I hav to say I am mega hyped about this, this is so cool. I thought about it and I have elvlent books I thought of that you can't miss, they are totoally hot!

Spider-Man: Torment

The best Spiedr-Man stroy ever by trhe best ever pider-Man artist, Mr,. Todd Macfarlane. This ios history right herwe and it is justo ne of the very best storys ever told in any medium.

Spaewn/ Batman

The two best superhewroes ever in one big adventures. Don';t pay any attention to that other Batman/Spawn buck, it is teh suck hardcore. Spawn ROOLZ even though mopst people don't think so anymore he is still THA MUTHUFUCIN best superhero out there. Toddy even did a video for KORN who are the BEST group in tha world.

Batman: KnightfallM

This is the best Batman story every and I'm going to tell you wh7y: Bane is a fuckin basdass and hewhoops Batman's ass up and down. And then this other Batman gets a new suit and beats the crap out of Bane and everyone's liek "Whoa there's a new Batman in town and he kicks ass" and it kicked ass. I wish they had kept this batman atround, I didn't like the Azrael book because he was always talking to himseflf ,not KIKKING A$$!!!

Lady Death: The Odyssey

For nayone who says there are not any strong female cgharacters in comics, I prsesent BVria n Pulido's Lady Deatyh. She is plenty srtrong, powerful, independent, and HELLA SEXXXY!!!

Catwoman: Catfile

Jim Bal;ent is the best CATWOMAN artist ever, and this is one of his best Catwoman stories. He also did a LOBO swimsuit special once that was hella tight.


What library would be complete wityhout the ol Canucklehead? Yes that's right this is the best WOlverine story *ever*, and it is also dranw by the guy who wrote Batrman/Spawn. This is such a cool book, there are so many fukking ninjas its so hardcore!

The X-Tinction Agenda

This is maybe the best X_MEN story ofg all time. It's got Cable and Wolverine fighting a bunch of cyborgs with guns and all kindsa shit busts loose. You get to see Wolverine and Archangel go at it like two cats in a sackj and you get to tsee Wolverine TOTALLY DOING THA DEED with Jean GRey... face it, true believers, this one has it all!!!

Batman: Hush

OK, I know I alreayd put two BATMAN books on the list, but this is just one of best comics eve.r JIm Lee is a master of the comics medium and he steps up to the plate to prove is once again with HUSH. I have heard some people say this story is lame but they probably just don't get it, it's a bit cxomplex.

The X-Ecutioner's Somg

I do not knwo if this is cooler than the X_TINCTION AGENDA but this is still one of the coolest X_MEN stories of all time. Stryfe is so fucking cool, he is basically Cable only evil. He tries to destroy the X-Men by pitting all the teams of the the X-Men against each opther but he gets his a$$ kicked when they figure out what';s up. This set up some awesomestory points that they were dealing with for years, like the legacy Virus that kileld collosus and the origin of Cable. Anyone who says comicis can't have deep meaning, I will give them this book, because it is hardcore.

X-O Manowar

I got an old box of comics from this guy down the street and there was a pile of stuff from thsi company called valiant. I asked Tim why Valiant doesn't publish anymore and he gave me some long answer about Jim Shooter being screwed out of a business deal and them selling out to a video game company, but really, I don't understands beecuae these books rokked. This is just baout the best, it's got some sci-fi crap in therte but its mostly just blowing shit up and stuff - you know, hardcore bada$$ shit.

Infinity Gauntlet

Now this is for the HARDCORE... if you have gotten into comics and wantto step up and into the real shittt, this book here is one of the very best strories ever told. This has spide-rman, wolverine and the hulk and a bunch of other heroes. It's basically one of the greatest book ever written, IMHO, and I defy anyone to tell me that this ain't so.

Thanks, ya'll!!! Keep it dry, D00D!

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