Thursday, July 01, 2004

Sweet Christmas

Well, for some reason my computer decided it doesn't like Blogger anymore, so every time I go to the site it doesn't work. Huh. OK.

So that's why I didn't post yesterday, on the off chance you cared. I am now using the Wife's computer to post, which isn't bad, as she has a much betetr monitor than me. And it's only about eighteen inches to the right of my monitor, since we share the same desk (which is kind of inconvenient, but you should see our bathroom).

Anyway, I'm gratified to get some good reaction to Tuesday's massive Drawn & Quarterly post. I spent a lot of time on it, so I am glad a few of you enjoyed it. Don't have a review or any commentary today - that stuff takes time, man. Maybe tomorrow, if you're good.

To Larry Young - I'm still catching up to a big pile of periodicals from when I was gone and even if it's almost a month gone by I just recently came across this article. It's slow to start but it comes into sharp focus towards the end - figured you'd find it interesting after our recent conversations. (The rest of you can look, too.)

I know I try to avoid politics on this blog - which is usually a policy I find very productive and just generally conducive to me not getting into big fights with stupid people. But anyway, since everyone is already talking about it in some fashion, I just thought I'd point this out and ask why the people responsible aren't being held up in public by their proverbial shorthairs. But again, it's just kind of dispiriting to live in a country when one half of the population is routinely branded as traitors by the other half.

I haven't seen Spider-Man 2 yet. I imagine when I do that I will enjoy it. But I give you my solemn promise I won't post any sort of gushing fan letter after I do, OK? I think we can just assume it's a good film and leave it at that.

That's my vow to you, dear reader.

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