Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Milo George Can Have My Man-Babies

You know, this whole blogging thing is a cruel, cruel mistress. For some reason, I feel compelled to do it even when I have absolutely no motivation whatsoever.

But you know, that's OK, because even if I'm not quite feeling up to my normal self I can still look forwardto Milo George's daily postings. Somehow, amazingly, he has become the shining beacon of this here blogoverse. If you had told me this six months ago I wouldn't have believed you, because, honestly, he was working for the Comics Journal back then. Myself and Dirk Deppey notwithstanding, (me being on the Journal's masthead as a contributing writer and Dirk being, you know,  the current holder of the Slave-Driving Overseer position), the Journal's ethos does not seem to be one that would jibe with a tribe thirty-odd grown-ass men talking about how cool (or lame) the latest issue of Catwoman is.  But I forget the fact that George is nothing if not a resolute iconoclast. He likes to piss people off, in case you forgot. 

I owe George a lot because it was during his tenure on the magazine that I first started contributing regularly. I got my foot in the door during Anne Elizabeth Moore's run, but for whatever reason she didn't want to print the strange manifestos on Wolverine's dietary habits which I kept scrawling on two-ply toilet paper and sending into Fantagraphics. I liked Moore's Journal except for the fact that I was not published in it very often. I was published more often in George's Journal. I liked this. It always struck me as interesting that the George who I interacted with on a professional basis was always kind, intelligent and very courteous... as opposed to the other, Evil Milo George who apperantly lived in Mild-Mannered Milo's colon and said nasty things to nuns and orphans.

Thanks to him, my career as a Comics Pundit exploded. I even get form e-mails from Gary Groth himself now. Of course, I don't get any response when I reply to these letters, but it's a start, right?

Well, his blog seems to be run by the Evil Milo, and we are all the better for it. In my links bar he's the one current comics blogger I link to, and there's a reason for that (besides the obvious facts that ADD and Journalista! are defunct). The reason is that he makes me laugh on a more consistent basis than any of you other pitiful fuckers. I really could care less about your Heroclix tournaments or your thoughts on this week's issue of Batman: The Flexible Sigmoidoscopy Adventures. I want to know what your squirrel name is, dammit.    

So this is why Milo George is now, and shall always be, My Hero.  He ain't gonna sell out to The Man. He's gonna Tell It Like It Is, or Die Trying.

Which is a roundabout way of saying that I just don't feel like writing anything of value today. I know I committed to this whole Louis Riel thing, and I still gotta continue my in-depth (ie: endless) look at AiT/Planet Lar... but you know, I just feel incredibly tired tonight. So I think I'll turn in early. Peopel are still recovering from Nerd Prom anyway, so I don't really feel to bad about it.

If anyone cares I've also been promoted to Staff Editor at Meaning, if you've been paying any attention to my work over there, hopefully you will enjoy as I spread my Chulhu-like tentacles throughout the entire critical organism.

Also, the wife got purple hair last week. We don't have any good pictures yet, but as soon as we do I'll link to them.

Also again, if anyone reading this runs a medium-to-large comic based online resource, drop me a line. We should talk.

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