Sunday, September 06, 2015

Very Important Poll

Did Batman totally kill those guys or what?
Yes, he was joking about the shark repellent because there was no way he could have known whether or not poor local fisherman had effective instantaneous shark repellent on them at all times.
No, he somehow knew they really did have shark repellent and would be able to use it quickly enough to stop the sharks who were only about 5-10 yards away from the overturned boat
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Anonymous said...

fuck your silent majority where's the paper trail
until you show us where this landslide of votes came from, we proud few of the repellent bloc will declare the election null and void and start an insurrection in our rural heartlands of this blog
mainly the TMBG posts and the movie reviews from 2007

DanielT said...

I voted "no" because in my view I think the comic rather clearly was implying the men lived.

HOWEVER, as the "yes" option says Batman had NO WAY OF KNOWING they would make it. While I don't think the men DID die, I definitely think Batman put them in a position where they very likely WOULD die.

DanielT said...

And even if he 100% knew they would live, it was still a dick move.