Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Oh hey there

What's up? Not much, just chilling with my pal Alan, talking about Cerebus, as one does.

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DanielT said...

Jesus Christ, would I love to hear a podcast of you and Moore discussing Cerebus.

I'm totally behind the restoration project, if for no other reason than it keep Cerebus in the public eye (well, kinda).

But having bought the first two restored volumes...I prefer my 30 year old original printings. Don't get me wrong, the restoration is quite impressive in some cases. But the crisp white paper and freshness of the new ones just don't have the appeal the browned pages and "lived in" qualities of my old ones (and yes, I am fetishistic about books).

I'll keep buying the restored versions because I feel as though I've still underpaid Sim for Cerebus. But when I reread it'll be the old ones.