Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Happy Chrimbus!

Those who follow my Twitter feed, and those who pay attention to the sidebar, already know that for the last few months I've been uploading my podcasts to Mixcloud - my page, with all my uploads, can be found here. I release a new podcast more or less monthly, and I've put the last couple years' of older podcasts up as well.

I just put up a double shot of podcasts dedicated to the best music of 2014 - Party Jams #52 and #53. Those with long-ish memories might recall that I used to post the earliest podcasts on here until I received my first and only Cease & Desist letter, but so far Mixcloud seems to be a safe and legal alternative. In the years since I stopped featuring them here, I've distributed them primarily through e-mail and Twitter - anyone who wants to have access to actual downloads instead of just online streaming can e-mail me to be added to the list.

Et voila!

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